January 13, 2009


I had a conversation recently about "intimidation." It got me thinking about this odd sentiment. I am interested in hearing reasons why (anyone out there) has ever felt intimidated by another person or thing. Not the "I'm so scared, I don't want to die" type of intimidation. The less threatening kind that causes timorous behavior that makes people alter their real personalities while in its presence. Please don't mention looks. Or any closely-related physicality that might annoy me. Anyone who knows me knows that tawdriness isn't one of my fortes.
Okay—this is a thinker and if I get juicy answers, it might inspire me to write an article. I know it's an odd topic…but I have been thinking lately about those untouchable emotions: jealousy, distrust, etc.
Ok, thanks all.


Melissa McAllister said...

Hey I get so intimidated when I am at church making small talk to someone who is just a little bit older than me, that I don’t know that well. I seem to say all the wrong things (Usually complaining about things that really don’t bother me). Put me in a room with a baby, kids, teenager, older mom, or an 80 year old grandpa I do just fine. Weird huh?

Crystal Bo Bistol said...

Thank you for your comments Messala. I relate to your feelings, completely! Hey, where's your blog?

Melissa McAllister said...

I dont have one. But it has been a lot of fun looking at everyone elses. I am not an interesting writer at all.

So my due date is 09/09/09 fun huh? Well for now. When I get to the end of a hot August and my ankles will be the size of your thighs I will probably say screw the due date get this thing out of me! Have a good one!!!

Crystal Bo Bistol said...

Melissa: That due date is AWESOME. I really love the triple digits...maybe that'll mean triple babies? Hhhmmmm sounds likely to me! Hey, another thing, I think you should get a blog. You don't have to be an interesting writer...just an interesting person. And you are! You are one of my all-time favorite people. xo

Jessica and Kenny said...

Crystal... I love reading your blog you really get my mind thinking. I read this blog a week ago and I have been thinking about it and have came up with what I'm intimidated by. It is speaking in public, church, or anything were all eyes are on me. I have come up with the reason I feel this way and maybe the reason a lot of people feel this way. I think it is fear... Fear that I'm not smart, fear that I will be judged, and fear that I won't be accepted. Fear holds so many people back. I think it takes stepping out a few times to be able to get past this stage. Easier said then done. Keep up the good blogs. I love them.