June 6, 2009

Baby shower!

This is kind of late...but I still wanted to post some adorable pictures from Winter's baby shower a couple weeks ago. I hosted the family shower with her mom and it turned out awesome.

Here are the oreo truffles I made. SO EASY and no baking required (which means it would have been very difficult for me to screw up!). That's my kind of treat! Want the recipe? Here you go...

Working diligently :

These are the nutter butter balls (I covered mine in pink coconut):

I did it all by myself!

These matching display plates may be a little overboard, but Judy didn't give me very many tasks...so I had to go above and beyond with my duties.

Over-the-top index cards for the advice game (like I said, she didn't give me enough to do!):

Diabetes Fest '09

TONS of people came--she went away with a lot of sweet gifts.

She's writing parent advice to herself

She only has 3.5 months left.

One day maybe (far far far far from now) she will host my shower.

Mother/daughter moment = sweetness


Casey and Winter Rowland said...

This was such a fun shower thank you so much for all your hard work those treats were so yummy and so cute! I also loved the cards :)

Crystal Bo Bistol said...

My pleasure. It was FUN

Bakerella said...

Too cute.