July 4, 2009

Happy Independence Day

...a numbered list of some of my thoughts...

1. I am thankful for the troops
2. Happy to have been born here in the U.S. of A.
3. Relieved and excited that mom is on her way home for Iraq SOON

4. Hopeful that the country's economy will thrive again
5. Sad that Chris has the stomach flu, yet happy that I have time to make red, white and blue treats

6. Optimistic about a positive change in the next coming years
7. Faithful to the foundation this country was built on
8. Encouraging people to remember what this day is all about (besides beer, BBQs and fireworks)
9. Loving the sounds of nearby jets


Casey and Winter Rowland said...

I love how patriotic you are. I cant wait tell your mom gets back! I love her :) She is so brave.

Casey and Winter Rowland said...

p.s. love the new background

Amy said...

Those patriotic treats are sooo cute!

And yes- I'd love that recipe. My email is:
amyandjeffmartinez @ yahoo . com

Joni and Rico Adams said...

You're such a little "Suzie Homemaker." I love it. You are amazing, I don't have the ambition for making beautiful creations :)