October 15, 2009

Chris? Making pendants?

Yes sir e, ladies and gents. Chris crafts. He made this for me the other night, after seeing me exasperated and grumbly for about an hour (I couldn't trim the paper just right and anyone who knows me at all is aware of my severe lack of patience).
He got into my craft stash, used some black paper and an old pressed wild flower, and went to town. He did a great job; I know I couldn't have created something so pristine.

Here it is on:

We found that pendant at Michael's (had to empty out what was in it) and the chain was $4 at Claire's. Here's my shout out to Chris for putting together such an elegant little masterpiece. Thanks, sweets. I love it so much.

more pendants and details on what products I used coming soon.


Joni and Rico Adams said...

Seriously that is the cutest thing I have seen a man do for his woman.

How thoughtful! He did a great job too. You lucky gal.

Crystal Ross said...

oh man, there's an array of cute thoughtful stuff I could blog about. He's great...I picked a winner, for sure.