October 8, 2009

Marble magnets

Do you have extra craft paper, scraps, magazines or even newspaper--just lyin' around? I do. I've got TONS of it. A good solution that my crafty friend Amy suggested: marble magnets. They're easy, cute, fun, versatile--and they make GREAT gifts.

I'm a little late posting this, but as requested, here are the pictures and tutorial.

Stuff I used: E6000 glue (you can also use Mod Podge, but this stuff worked better for images I printed from my computer), clear, flat marbles, paper scraps and small disc magnets. You can get all this stuff at your local craft store.

1. Punch pictures with a hole punch or trace around the marble and cut.
2. Use a good-sized drop of E6000 in the center of the image. Press to flat side of marble. Squeeze to get out any bubbles.
3. Squeeze a drop of glue (E6000 or hot glue) on the back. Attach magnet. Let dry.
D O N E!
TIPS: try adding stuff to your magnets like sparkles, pressed flowers or ribbon. I tried all of those things and it worked beautifully.

my fridge:

(I don't care if it makes you gag. I think it's cute.)

with pressed flowers:


Joni and Rico Adams said...

I LOVE the owl one! I really think the magnet board with these would be so cute for our craft activity! I will pick up some of these when I get all the stuff tomorrow.

Samantha J Designs (Wife2TJ) said...

These are so CUTE!!! :-)

-Sam :-)