December 4, 2009

Newman O's vs Oreos

Have you ever had Newman O's?

Oh. My.

They are unlike anything I've ever experienced. They are like creme-filled cocoa heavens that sing songs of love in my mouth. Seriously.

I'm not sure exactly what it is, but the plain, organic goodness is PERFECTION. I'm sort of over the highly processed uber sugary tastes. They are like clean Oreos, but a trillion times cleaner and crunchier. Plus, Newman O's are guiltless (well, almost). See the nutritional comparison here.

As far as cost goes: yeah, Newman O's are a bit pricier. But that's because they cost more to make (due to the use of organic sought-after ingredients like unbleached flour). To me, it's totally worth diggin' a bit deeper in my pocket for the extra change. Besides that, all proceeds go to various charities. So loosen the purse strings and enjoy a snack.


Kristin said...

You sold me. I'm so buying those this weekend. PMS has nothing to do with it. Ah ha ha

Jessica @ Mason Jar Bride said...

oooo I love Newman O's. You're right, they're way better than oreos. mmmmm... now I'm craving the mint ones, they sound so good right now!