February 8, 2010

first sergeant of the year = my mom.

Maybe I talk about my mom more than the average 25-year-old gal. Do I? Eh, I don't care. I'm still gonna do it.
I want to take some time to express my admiration toward my mom. She's the best of the best, at work, as a mom, as a citizen, as a Reservist and a wife (I think my step dad would highly approve of that). Anytime there's an opportunity to volunteer, she's the first to respond. It doesn’t matter what for, so long as it's a cause that she supports, she's on top of it. She volunteered to go to one of the grossest places on earth last year (oh thank god she's back home). She's a phenomenal leader and a mentor to A LOT of airmen in her unit.

Anyway, my point is, I'm proud, appreciative and feeling very lucky to have her in my life at all. OH YEAH--and did I tell you how incredibly popular this woman is? Everyone knows her. And those who know her LOVE her. And those who love her are always telling me how fortunate I am to have her. And then I agree. 
On Saturday we attended the annual Airman's Banquet for the 419th Fighter Wing, mainly because mom was up for a big award: First Sergeant of the Year. Last year she won, but she was in Iraq and didn't really have time to celebrate. But this year, some celebrating finally happened; she won again. I ran up to the stage to snap some shots of my shocked mama as she accepted the beautiful bronze eagle.

 She's also in the honor guard. That's her, holding the rifle:

This is the one time a year that we dress up, so I thought I'd better capture it. 
(I even wore heels, though that didn't last long)

Last but not least, some photos with the couple of the night:


Christy said...

I adore your mother! She's so darling and it's cool to see her in her uniform. How awesome, and congrats.

And love the tights and the dressing up!

Crystal Ross said...

thanks, i love her too.