March 21, 2010


So, work is intense lately. To say the least. Thinking about wedding stuff seems to be the only thing that gets me through some days. Tonight I discovered a new love; a mysterious and unfamiliar realm was explored. It's called TERRACOTTA. I love these pots. The thing I may love the most is the fact that I can craft them, plant wildflowers in em, and bring em straight to the wedding for additional space-filler/centerpieces. 

The idea is to make risers for the pots and vases to create varying height, texture and depth. How'd I make these risers? Easy. Wrap burlap around a solid block of wood (this one is 6x6) and fasten with staples or hot glue. Use fabric, ribbon or lace (like I did) to trim the edges. 

Decorating the pots is the best part. I used jute rope and hot glued it spirally. More time-consuming than you may have guessed, but worth it (I think).

One more shot

I still plan on doing more stuff to these cute terracottas. I bought several in different sizes because I love variation. I am using some recycled craft paper to mod podge one of two, similar to this:

(image credit: the bride's cafe)

In fact, this post is what inspired me to try these lovely projects. Aren't they adorable? 


Lisa said...

you are so busy missy! everything looks so good!

Vanessa@ The White Petal said...

Beautiful! Really, great simple idea