April 10, 2010

3 - 5 weeks left

House update! It's coming along and it's looking great. 

According to the construction schedule that the builder sent us, we have somewhere between 3.5 and 5 weeks until it's completely finished. This number is shocking to me, since it was only a month or so ago that we got the call from the Judy Allen team about this charming Farmington neighborhood. Thank goodness we did. With how fast these townhouses sold, we got the lowest price in the bunch; several of the upgrades came standard for us, too. Oh we're lucky. And just in time for the tax incentive.

So, here's what's happening now.

They are starting to stucco the exterior (or at least they're laying the base layer). I am still unsure of what color the exterior will be. It's like Christmas! It'll be the greatest surprise to drive by and see the actual colors in the next couple days. 

As far as the inside, WE HAVE WALLS. Omigod we totally have walls. Aren't they the greatest walls you've ever seen?

(living room)

(front door/hallway)

(partial kitchen and nook)

(walk-in pantry where I will have room to put my extensive spice collection and tupperware) 

(stairs, upstairs hallway, bedroom #1 aka computer/craft room, bedroom #2 aka guest room)

(view from master bedroom/green goblin)

(master bath)

(a scary closet)

(it is a good day for a guinness)

 (upstairs bathroom #2)

(an awesome crawl space. i cannot explain the face.)

(our backyard, at least until DR Horton decides what they wanna do with the land)

 Our neighbors moved in this week! This unit is the exact same floor plan as ours, so it will look similar. I think we'll have different colors though.

I'm excited to plant our little roots here. 


The Former 786 said...

A crawl space and a creepy closet? Sounds perfect!

Dustin Nielsen said...

Looks like a DR Horton home. Is it?

We built with them a little while ago. Good luck, it looks great!

Crystal Ross said...

Yes! It totally is. We love DR Horton. Where did you build?!

Dustin Nielsen said...

We are in Farmington as well. A little south of where you and Chris are building. Their townhomes look nice. I sure like 'em!