April 18, 2010

Our home: exterior colors, floor and paint

The exterior is going to be...*drum roll*...yellow--which happens to be my favorite color. It's almost like almond; it's not an annoyingly obnoxious pee yellow or anything like that. The color will be toned down with a lot of earth toney rocks (which aren't all the way up yet).

The vinyl flooring is ALL installed (we went with a very neutral shade of ivory/grey since the rest of the house is so boldly colored).

Also, we now have stairs AND doors. Aren't the doors cute?

My favorite part of this week's developments: the walls. They are all painted and beautifully textured. 
 (please excuse this amateur photo. you get the idea though, right?)


Elisa and Tyler said...

I love the yellow!!! It looks great! I love your doors and textured walls (we have the same ones and I love them!!!) It all looks great and is coming together so fast!

Casey and Winter Rowland said...

oh my goodness...so excited! I cant wait to see everything done.

{amy k.} said...

Looks great! So exciting to see everything come together- how fun for you!