June 16, 2010

I forgot to tell you what the fabric poms are for.

They are for facifying the big, open room where we're having our dancing and photobooth fun after the ceremony (don't you love how I'm avoiding that word "reception?" I don't know why, but I kinda hate it).

 here's the sad little room before the ross tornado

I never updated the blog about our wedding venue fiasco, but I think it's all worked out (just in time, too). The wedding is 30 days away and I am pretty much re-planning from square one. Not. Cool. The old reception center has yet to give us our money back. But we'll just keep pushin along.

We have a great spot all booked and ready to go. The BBQ will be just before the ceremony. The ceremony will be at sunset and involves trees, my bare feet, chris's cute boutonniere that my mom is making, tiki torches and babies in tutus. After that, the party will be held in the same area and involves, wine, beer, fabric lantern poms, photobooth, dancing, putting and (hopefully) bad minton. No wedding line. No strangers. No drama. Woot. There is the update. Also, right now AS WE SPEAK I am working on a blue/teal pom (partly made from a cut-up T-shirt I found in my DI pile).

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Lisa said...

sounds great! I can't believe you are 30 days away! These dates are certainly sneaking up on us :)