June 30, 2010

Mossy initials

I stayed home from work and made these today. I sure do pick all the most time-consuming DIY projects for this little wedding. I still have to make the ampersand as well. But for now, I'm off to have a sweet little bridal dinner with my charming family.

Also, the fed ex guy just dropped off my wish tree.

(yeah, that's me, being strange.)

 Tags for hanging the wishes.

On a side note, I've been working my arms, shoulders and back out like crazy. I have weights at the office, and I think it's paying off. So despite the weird looks, I'm goin for it. I tried to take a picture of myself flexing--and this is what came out.

I won't include the photo of my biceps because it didn't turn out near as impressive as I'd hoped.


Lisa said...

thos look fantastic! good day off project

Lisa said...

i need better spell check

I mean THOSE look fantastic

Shaylynn said...

I will smoke those initials when you're done with them.

That is hilarious that you cut off the bicep picture, I laughed and laughed. I would say I lol'ed but that is the worst expression on earth.

You are going to have the prettiest wedding, I am for sure crashing.

dognbird said...

So fun to see the behind the scenes of your awesome DIY projects!