July 5, 2010

Bathroom decor.

I've decided to post about something NON wedding related. I am a bit weddinged out. So, onto home decor. My house is slowly coming together and being turned from a freshly painted bare-walled warehouse to a welcoming home. I'm trying so hard, at least. 

We decided to go with yellow and grey for our guest bathroom colors and I was able to leave the new puppy for a minute today to get some of the items. I'm trying to get the bathroom in somewhat usable condition by the time Winter (my bff) gets here from AZ.  

Towels are from here.
Wallflowers here. (They also come in black florals and brushed nickel dragon flies.)
Cute shower hooks here.
Shower curtain here.

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Lisa said...

oooh! I love the wallflowers!