July 14, 2010

Last-minute wedding knickknacks

Thank goodness Winter is in town. We got a lot done this week. My mom got to stay home from her out-of-state training this week, too. WOO HOO! I am so lucky to have all this help. The Wishing Tree is almost done--we're finishing that today (along with the music list). This is the little basket I put together for the tags--check out the cute pens I found for $1 at Michaels.

Also, thank to Jill for doing a fabulous job of making my hair look natural and healthy. There are very subtle highlights beneath the crown. When it's down, it sort of looks sunkissed toward the ends.

The reverend sent us our ceremony and it's lovely. Just perfectly lovely. Now, on to my vows. (Chris, if you're reading this, you had better get goin' on yours too, mister.)

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Shaylynn said...

I'm so very excited for your wedding my dear. Even if I'm not coming!