August 29, 2010

Talk of a plate mural, new rug, wedding picture preview

Let's talk about plates. I want to do a plate mural downstairs (either in the kitchen or family room). I'm thinking mixed prints and bright colors with no particular palette. Does anyone have plates hangin' on their walls? Where did you get yours? I fantasize about buying some from Anthropologie, but I already splurged there. (see purple doily rug below.)

For now I'll keep checking out local thrift stores. Here are some plate murals that I simply can't stop staring at. 

Touching blue plates:
Colorful whimsy plates on yellow:
Organized blue plate mural:
Vertical vintage plates:

And last but not least, a wedding photo sneak peak form Blush Photography:


Lisa said...

i don't have plates up yet but i always dream of doing this too! let us know how yours comes out!

{amy k.} said...

gorgeous photo.

love the plate murals. do it! thrift stores are a great place. sometimes you can find some cute plates at ross and tjmaxx too!

McAllister said...

Hey that Meet Viriginia blog is Matt's best friend's wife! Her name is Morgan and I am thrilled to tell her that you mentioned her on your blog! She will be so flattered! I love all her ideas! and the wedding picture is gorgeous!

Crystal Ross said...

I LOVE that Meet Virgina blog. LOVE IT! Tell her I wanna hang out, Melis. We should all do a craft day or something,. I need help with my plate mural! :)

Thanks for the idea, Amy! I do still need to check TJ Max.

Lisa, I will for sure post several pics!