September 16, 2010

Sam update.

Sam 2 months ago: 4 whopping lbs.
Sam now: 8.5 lbs.

Sam is all vaccinated and will be getting neutered any day. He also needs a hernia fixed and dewclaws removed. That will be a hard week. 

Cute new traits: Sticking out his boo boo lip, showing his bottom row of pearly whites due to his underbite, running laps around the house, learning to go down stairs, hiding my socks.

Frustrating new traits: Eating his poop, playing in his poop, rubbing his poop around his play pen and bed, smooshing his poop inside toys (how does he even do that?), biting my nose (wait, that's not new), leaving tiny nuggets of poop hidden around the house.

 Please note the lip. He is irresistible.


Lisa said...

your dog is super cute!

Andrea said...

I love your puppy! I want to meet him so bad! I've never heard of having the dewclaws removed...why do they do that?