October 3, 2010

New living room arrangement, etc.

This is the final arrangement. We love it.
Let's zoom in on those pillows.

I'm jumping on the doily bandwagon. I love them. LOVE them. I bought a bunch from Joanne's Fabric and used Aleene's fabric glue to attach them to these microsuede pillows.

I should learn to crochet so I can make these myself. The patience just isn't there, though.

In other news, Sam is huge. Here he is...not wanting his photo taken. It's weird because usually he is so photogenic.

Chris built Sam he very own hole-in-the-wall puppy door. He's handy, I must say.
Sam even got his own deck with mini stairs. Special pup.

Chris surprised me with purple and red flowers.

Sam's underbite became more severe.

We got doggie skull bowls from PetsMart.

We sealed the driveway.

Sam was microchipped.

We attended a beautiful wedding on Friday.

My mom officially became chief of the 419th Fighter Wing (will post more about that later).

I remembered why I didn't like high school.

We had mimosas with breakfast today.

I read a 100-page play that I loved (written by Elizabeth Leavitt--friend/coworker). It's inspired me to start working on the form again.

That's it, for now.

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