November 5, 2010

Earrings: gaudy to dainty.

I saw these on clearance at Target thinking I could pull them off. A 3-cluster rosette earring. I love the concept, but turns out, too much for my small face. See how they're pulling down and just...blah?

(This is my friend Julie on her wedding day, by the way. Beautiful bride.)

So to solve this problem, I tore them apart and made each rosette its own little earring (which is awesome because each flower is a different finish: bronze, silver, gold). Buy the posts at a craft store! See? Dainty and subtle.


Rebecca said...

Genius! I'm in love with rosette earrings, too. I may have to check out Target to see if I kind find those. Love em!

Anonymous said...

LOL I can so see the glue gun in the background....makes me smile you little crafty girl :^) OXOXOXOOX