January 17, 2011

Above-the-couch decor.

We finally finished our above-the-couch decor! It's an eclectic eye-full. I thought and thought and thought about what I wanted to hang here. Eventually, we decided to hang just a few little odds and ends. There's fabric-wrapped cardboard, recycled frames, craft paper scraps, dried wildflowers, etc. There are also a few very special things hanging, including an embroidered masterpiece that my grandma made my mom circa 1995.

I didn't spend one penny.

What do you think? I sort of love it. I may add to it one day. What's hanging over your couches? What are your focal points? I love seeing them!

A shout out to the men. 

More details.

Some inspiration was gathered from this cute blog.


The Bergeson Family said...

I LOVE IT! My favs are your marriage license and the burlap flower! I am inspired! my couch wall looks kinda boring, pics and a large B for Bergeson - it needs a little work!

Meredith said...

fun fun! decorating your own space is great. i love it, for reals:)