January 31, 2011

Overstock.com has a sale site.

Yep. Your eyes are not deceiving you. Eziba.com is Overstock's sale site and it's been up and running for a few months now. I have some stuff around my house (rugs, thingamajigs, etc.) that people have asked about. Welp, this is where they're from.

The same return policies apply. Same $2.95 shipping. It's kind of great, actually. Every day offers a new sale (home decor, shiny jewels, furniture, home improvement--the list goes on).

Use my invitation link below and you'll be signed up to get the daily sales via email.

Oh yeah--AND, you'd be supporting me since my new job at Overstock is the eziba.com copywriter. I write these zippy little sales blurbs:


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