July 12, 2011

Ten reasons why I love writing.

  1. It's my release. My creative outlet. When I get lost in words, nothing else exists.
  2. I'm passionate about aesthetics. It's like, if I can make words sound great, I'd better be able to make them look great on a page or screen.
  3. I love to marry words with photos.
  4. I enjoy creating something significant out of almost nothing.
  5. It forces me to use the right side of my brain (most of me is pretty analytical).
  6. The rhythm of a sentence, or paragraph, or book, can be beautiful. If I find that beauty and execute it, I'm proud.
  7. I learn things about people, subjects or products. It forces me to research.
  8. The creativity puts me in a profound, reflective, spontaneous mood. Almost childlike.
  9. I'm a writer. It's built into who I am--even if I don't do it for a living anymore.
  10. Instant satisfaction. Well, not quite instant. That gratification I feel once I'm done with a piece of writing is honest and unmatched. 


Kenneth Loosli said...

Wonderful post.

Shaylynn;) said...

Love this.

Rebecca said...

Agreed. Whole-heartedly. Wonderful list!

Coffee & Inspiration

The Former 786 said...

Way to put it into words, Crystal! Very well done.