November 6, 2011

Amanda's shower.

Amanda's shower was a blast. Thanks to all who showed up.

(For more photos/details on the crafty/DIY parts, hop on over to my other blog.)

The blushing bride, looking gorgeous with her real smile (no fake no-teeth smiles).

Rain theme.

Working hard on the dirty word search. Winner received homemade sugar scrub.

 The next fantastic game: draw the wedding dress. On a plate. On your head.

 The results. (Breanne won.)

We put our cloud hole punch to good use. 

Rainbow fruit kabobs. 

This cute baby stole all our hearts.

Doing girl things.

Gift time. She got some really great stuff. 

Easily the best photo of the day. Her face while thumbing through Tickle His Pickle. 


The end.

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{amy k.} said...

Love it all, so adorable!