November 20, 2011

Life changes.

As some already know, I received a job offer from the Utah Department of Natural Resources (wildlife division) which I hastily accepted; I'm going to be a writer! This job, you guys, is truly my dream job. I've always wanted to end up in a government position ('cause of the stability, growth opportunity and longevity) where I could write and be involved with animals (two passions in one) and have a chance to positively impact the community. Expect posts, links and plenty of updates.

With a heavy heart, I gave my two weeks' notice at Sun. My last day is this Wednesday. That job, though short-lived, taught me a lot. It gave me opportunities to travel, learn and start to wiggle outside my comfort zone. The people are fabulous and talented beyond belief. I could never match their passion for laundry--but I did try. The company takes care of their employees by offering fantastic salaries, good benefits and lots of fun community activities. Tons of perks. I'd recommend it to anyone. But as of now, I'm looking forward to a bright and thrilling future.

Here's to new beginnings!

Side note: Chris took me to Chili's for lunch the day the call came. I ordered a pomegranate margarita. (Don't judge me. Sure, it was barely one o'clock but I deserved some victory liquor.) But folks, this drink...STRONG. Like, I'm-wondering-if-it's-within-legal-limits strong. And if I'm saying it's intense, then you know it must the max.   


Shay said...

Congratulations! I'm seriously happy for you!

Kenneth Loosli said...

Yay! The DNR will be lucky to have you.