December 18, 2011

Hardware ranch elk.

LIFE UPDATES! It's been a minute since I've blogged about regular life stuff. Today we took lots of pictures at the elk fest in Hyrum at Hardware Ranch, and I had a minute between laundry loads, so I thought why not update about my new job and such?

The DWR (where I now work) organizes a festival with activities and sleigh rides this time annually. This is the time of year when hundreds of Rocky Mountain elk visit the ranch to rest and eat in the meadow. The sleighs are pulled by a team of large-breed draft horses and the drivers explain the ranch's history and elk's behavior. It's such a sweet experience, seeing the huge elk in their natural environment. They don't seem to mind the loads of people on sleighs winding through their herd. They're actually very charming, the little ones with their whining noises when they want to suck milk from mom, and the big bulls perking up, judging us with their intimidating stances.

My new job is going very well. I have always been a wildlife lover (observer, not hunter. though I have no moral objection to hunting.) so it's nice to learn more about the different species and what Utah does to protect them. I'm so happy to be part of that effort. I had been to Hardware Ranch before, but it's been years. I'm glad we got a group together today and went for it. It was such a lovely day fulls of smiles, wildlife and sunshine. Perfect!

With Breanne, bundled up, ready to head out.

Inside the visitor's center at the interactive wildlife display. Breanne and Stormie got super cozy with that taxidermied elk.

Chris loved being in a car for four hours with us gals.

Rick, John, Izzy, Liz, Abby, Storm, me, Breanne
(huge elk off in the distance)

The sweet man on the right was our sleigh driver. Super informative and totally polite.

At the end of the day, we went back to my house and Chris made us all hobo dinners on the grill outside. YUM. We also snuggled up with blankies and watched Raising Hope (which is hilarious; netflix it). 

What a great day.

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Breanne Unsicker Evans said...

I can't get enough of how wonderful the day was!! Thanks for inviting me, you and Chris are pretty amazing. Sure love you guys.