December 22, 2011

Portland in the spring.

Chris and I exchanged gifts last night. I knew something big was in the works and I just couldn't wait till xmas. He was thrilled to hear he was getting a new CD player and speakers installed in his car, but thrilled is an understatement of my reaction to the gift he gave me.

Chris got us tickets to a Gotye show. In April. IN PORTLAND.

 Here he is, in all of his handsome glory. 

 I have always wanted to visit Oregon. I almost went to college in Portland but then met my mister, so I stayed and set up camp at good ol' Weber State. Now we get to go to Oregon together to hear one of our favorite artists! I cannot wait.

Don't know who Gotye is? Not many do, so that's ok. Remember back when I blogged one of his songs for music tuesday.The Gotye pandora station has been on at our house nonstop. He's really quite extraordinary.

Here's another one of my favorite tunes. Oh I can't wait for this trip. Good surprise, Chris. VERY GOOD!

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Joni and Rico Adams said...

Yay for early christmas presents! That's an amazing gift. Go Chris. :)
You may not want to come back after visiting Portland. Glorious city. Beautiful.