February 14, 2012

Why we don't celebrate Valentine's Day.

Several people ask. So here goes.
We don't celebrate V-day in the traditional sense, because: 

1. We already go out to eat quite a bit.
2. Exchanging gifts is awkward and unnecessary. (Receiving gifts isn't either of our love languages.)
3. We already celebrate a love day once a year (our anniversary) and that's plenty.
4. Sharing the day with a hundred strangers in a crowded restaurant doesn't sound romantic.
5. Traffic jams aren't romantic.
6. Dressing up fancy isn't comfortable (hence, not romantic).
7. I would trip and fall down in high heels, and that's not romantic.
8. Jewelry equals love? No.  
9. We love each other an equal amount all 365 days per year.
10. I believe in chivalry and I do love flowers once in a while, but it means more when it's unexpected or for no particular reason.
11. It's a catholic holiday, and we're not religious.
12. I don't fully understand the origins of the day or Saint Valentine himself, but it seems its true meaning (and his legacy) has been lost and cheapened by all the consumer-driven hoopla.

This isn't meant to offend anyone who does celebrate the day, just an explanation about why it's not for us.

Tonight, my sweetie is cooking dinner (which he does pretty regularly) and we'll snack on yummies that my mom dropped off last night. Sam will probably get a new bone to gnaw and we might just uncork a bottle of wine.

understated love. 

Photo from Bloom.


Kenneth Loosli said...

Word up. Totally agree.

Rebecca said...

I'm with you. I hate the feeling of being forced to be romantic or show my love. When it's forced, it's not authentic.

Rebecca (hearts)...

{amy k.} said...

i'm torn with this holiday... it was my very favorite when i was little because we had an awesome family tradition of making valentines for each family member, mom would make a yummy dinner and decorate all cutesy and the best sugar cookies ever! i loved that it was a family thing. i agree 100% with the flowers, i don't want them if it's expected, i want them just because!

Shay said...

We don't really celebrate it either just because our Anniversry comes just a couple weeks before, and then Joel's birthday is a couple weeks after! We try to make it fun for Eden, though.

Crystal said...

Amy and Shay, I think that's GREAT. It's different when you have an emotional connection to the holiday because of kids and family. My mom raised us with a little hoopla around the day day as well..I just decided I'm over it. Last night was perfectly boring.