May 1, 2012

Gotye in Portland.

This concert was knock-your-socks off incredible. Life changing, moving, exciting, high energy. Hmm my mind overflows with adjectives when I think about it. I may or may not have burst into tears twice during the night. Words don't really suffice. These photos might help, but they still won't reflect my feelings of joy for this night.

I lurked outside this tour bus for a few minutes. Chris left me there.

The Crystal Ballroom is a historic building with mural-painted walls and sprung hardwood floors. It's got quite the past.

Kimbra opened for Gotye. She gets down onstage. Majorly.

Surreal artwork projected on the stage the whole time.

During Bronte. Guys. You know how I feel about Bronte.

A great view.

Banging the hell out of the drums during Eyes Wide Open.

The stamp to get into the concert. I considered getting this tattooed here. Chris talked me out of it last minute stating "It'll look like you just came from an amusement park. Every day of your life." I argued with "Yeah but that'd be cool, right?"
Concert love.

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