July 26, 2012

How your life looks vs. how it feels.

Anna Davies wrote an article for Cosmo in November. How to Survive a Confidence Crash. I found it full of great information--not only for 20-somethings like me, but women (and men!) of all ages and walks of life.

This quote from Jane Buckingham stood out to me:

          “So many women treat life as a constant
status update,” says Jane Buckingham, founder of the Millennial-focused research firm Trendera. “They’re thinking about how their lives look instead of how their lives feel.” 

I share a bunch of photos on Facebook--fun stuff that's going on in my life (dog photos, events, family updates, the occasional artsy food photo attempt) along with some awareness posts. This is because I know some of my friends enjoy seeing what I'm up to, and I like seeing what they're up to.

However, I have seen people (mostly girls my age) take this to an extreme.

They share every detail of their day, from what they ate for each meal to where they went and how they dressed while doing it all. I can't help but think They're not living life. They're living for the web. 

By creating an idealized image of themselves, it helps them escape reality by seeking reassurance via "friends" on the web. It's a subtle cry for help from the lonely. I know this because I have done it before, unfortunately.

And, friends, I can tell you this: the web is no place to find that reassurance.

This behavior fascinates me, which is why The Narcissism Epidemic is going to be my next book purchase.

American culture: the relentless rise of narcissism, a very positive and inflated view of self. Narcissists believe they are better than others, lack emotionally warm and caring relationships, constantly seek attention, and treasure material wealth and physical appearance. 

Everyone knows someone that fits that description! Should be a fun read. I'll let you know.  


{amy k.} said...

so true, and it's a sad thing... i am definitely one to document and keep my blog up to date- but it's mostly for me. sure, for my family and friends to know what's going on as well, but i love looking back on the memories. and i've definitely aired some dirty laundry before... you have to keep it real. and find balance, that is the key! can't wait to hear how the book is.

Crystal said...

Agreed! You know what you're talking about. :)

The Former 786 said...

People who put every detail of their life on the web deserve to have their identity stolen.

Too harsh? Maybe. But that's how I, Ted Zickerman, feel. Also my address is 3435 Grove Street and my PIN is 8345.