April 22, 2009

Every Day is Earth Day

It's Earth Day…YAY!

So are you doing something nice for our Mother Earth today? Well if so, that's nice…but shouldn't you be doing nice things for her every day? I'm torn about Earth Day because I feel every single day should be Earth Day. Why only give it emphasis one day out of 365 in a year? Nature and its glory is a personal issue for me, but the point is that animals and plants should matter to us ALL.

Sure, we could shut it all out and pretend it's not happening…we can be foolish about global warming, habitat destruction and pollution, but ultimately (if we keep dirtying the nest at this rate) we're screwed. The trees that give us fresh air and beauty, the animals we love to watch and those pretty flowers we love to smell…they'll disappear, along with us because we all depend on the biosphere. So you think it won't affect your life? You think it's okay to ignore the 3 Rs we learned about in elementary school. That's fine, but what about your kids? What happens when these detrimental things we're doing to the Earth start directly affecting your offspring (oh, and I guarantee they will)? We're stuck here on this planet with nowhere to run. So maybe everyone should quit running from the responsibility of keeping this place livable.

Don't depend on government or large companies to do all the dirty work, because they won't. It starts with YOU and your ability to be conscious of the little every-day habits. Whatever political beliefs you've established or environmental opinions you've formed over your years here on Earth, I think it's a safe assumption that we ALL want fresh air to breathe and a safe place to reside.

Okay so this turned into more of an angry rant than an ode to Earth Day. The bad part is I had to stop myself from going on and on.
Go ahead and click around to find out easy ways you can help.

I live in a tiny apartment and still find ways to recycle. I have a chaotic schedule just like any modern girl, but I still find ways to reduce and reuse as well. Lifestyle isn't a good excuse. When people make fun of me for reusing my tin foil, I just tell em 'I'm not cheap, I'm resourceful!'
I'm not ashamed.

If you'd like to know more about simple ways to save Earth, email me!


The Former 786 said...

I wanted to comment on this, but I'm really busy slashing and burning the rainforest behind my house to get rid of the indigenous animals back there. ;)

Crystal Bo Bistol said...

Even with the winking eye, you're MEEEAAAAN!