May 11, 2009

Mother's Day

So yesterday was Mother's Day. And it was the first one I've ever spent away from my mom. I've always been in the same house, or at least the same city…and now she's thousands of miles away in a dirty war zone. That part was sad, but at least I was able to chat with her the night before. I miss her so much, but I know she's where she wants to be (at least for now).

Circa 1989

Her work is making a difference in so many lives and she is loving that part. Her time in Iraq is already 3/4 over and now it's time for a serious count down. We don't know exactly what day she'll get in, (leave it to govmt to keep it vague) but we are hoping for mid July. We have some surprises in the works that I know will make her jaw drop. YAY!

Anyway, we did spend some time with Big Mom and Angelique (a couple of fantastic moms) on M-day, which was awesome. Kasbah Grill did not disappoint. I was hoping the belly dancers would be there…but at least they had all-you-can-eat curry. Stan, Baby Isabella, Angelique

With my smiling Lily

We love the baby (and licky mclickerson)

Bella posing for grandma

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