September 29, 2009

lavatory must-gos: addendum #1

Chris's grandma has this sign up in her bathroom at the cabin and I think it's just so adorable.

Anyway, since I got so many awesome comments and additions (written and verbal!) concerning the list of lavatory must-gos, I thought it appropriate to create an addendum. Why not, I say. I particularly loved hearing about the grossness that goes down in the men's bathroom. Plus, for some strange reason, writing about gross stuff is fun to me.

10. Doing your duty on the floor in a public bathroom. Two or three DIFFERENT people told me stories involving crap on the floors and/or walls of public and work bathrooms. No matter how angry you are with coworkers or with Wal-Mart management, no matter WHAT they did, the sweet, old custodian with the mop shouldn't have to smell, handle or dispose of your poop. Eeww. Just, ew.

11. Peeing in the urinal right next to a stranger when THERE IS A WHOLE FRICKIN LINE OF EMPTY ONES. As a woman, I don't have to worry about this or the issue of splash back. But men should be aware. Be very aware, please. (Shout out to my uncle for inventing the term "splash back" and educating me on it.)

12. Avoid awkward eye contact with men urinating near you.

13. Keep your children contained! Christy, this is a GOOD one. There's nothing more awkward than having to close your knees and rotate to the side so the the sweet little boy with his mommy in the next stall can't see your b i t s.

14. Dr.'s offices leaving pee in a cup on the back of the toilet. Don't tell me to go pee in a cup, when you have yet to take away the urine of the previous specimen giver. Because then, I have no where to put my pee. WHERE WILL ALL THE PEE GO?!

15. Defacing bathroom stalls. Worth mentioning again, for sure. I like having things to read in the bathroom (don't get me wrong) but it's just rude. Someone built that place, put money into, invested in it...and you're just going to ruin it? That's vandalism. I admit, some of the stories, pictures and drawings are entertaining, though. Go here to read some good ones. But keep in mind IT'S STILL MEAN.

16. Bathroom booger epidemic. Apparently this is a thing? Booger collections on walls in bathrooms. Really? Luckily I don't have this problem at work. But my mother (who works in a very professional government facility) mentioned something about it. (See this blog for some more awesome bathroom-booger signs.)

17. Be tidy. Paper towels on the floor, water splashed all over the sink and mirror--these are all avoidable things.

Thoughts, additions? We can keep on with the addendums till the end of time! Perhaps some of the people reading this are guilty of committing one or more of these bathroom faux pas. In that case, justify your behavior! I'm an open-minded gal and am sometimes easily swayed. If there is some good excuse for creating a booger pile in a restroom, let me know!


Amy said...

definitely keep your kids contained... great addition- that's so awkward!

I love reading this, you make me laugh. And I didn't know about the booger thing either, strange!

Amy said...

oh and ps- I hate when the stalls don't have a hook... then it's the balance act of squating and carrying your bags in one arm and purse on the other shoulder!

Stan said...

Awesome addendum. I also had no idea about the booger thing. Good hell...Have people always been this filthy or is it just because of the internet we now all know about it?