September 11, 2009

a memorial

When I feel strongly about something, it's harder for me to communicate my thoughts accurately. So let me just say this, in memory of all those who died eight years ago today:

The country united when we came under attack on 9/11/01. 2,993 people died that day. Now, the United States seems more segregated than ever before. What happened? I guess a lot can change in eight years…

No matter what your political views or stance on the ongoing war, my hope is that we can just take a second out of our too-busy-to-breathe lives to give thoughts and thanks to those who continue to help protect our country. There are still people dying for us every day. They die so you can have civil rights like free speech and your choice of religion.

My thoughts are also with the 411 emergency workers who died responding to the scene that day, as well as the thousands of innocent civilians who didn't know what hit them.

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Amy said...

it's so sad to think of how many people this affected and how we were so close as a nation... and now... thanks for posting this!