September 4, 2009

Natural Peanut Butter





Really, you should try it.


Joni and Rico Adams said...

I love to get my peanut butter from Good Earth where it grinds the peanuts and serves it to you like soft serve right before your very eyes! It's like candy really. MMMM>>>>

Amy said...

Good to know! (and that peanut butter joni commented about sounds yummy too. Although, anything with the words "soft serve" are sure to appeal to me!)

Have you ever tried almond butter? I've been wanting to try that out!

Crystal Ross said...

I have NOT tried almond butter or Good Earth peanut butter. I am content with Adams for now. Ugh it's so mouth watering.

Shaylynn said...

I went on a doctor required diet once, and I was only allowed natural sugars and I lived off of this stuff. It kinda makes me want to puke now, but it is good:)