October 29, 2009

Halloween + Owls

Halloween and owls. Two of my FAVORITE things. So now, for your viewing pleasure, I present these pumpkin owl photos (courtesy of the internet).

These lil guys are from Martha Stewart.

I love these owl pumpkin greeting cards from Lise Winne on Etsy. Buy them here.

Learn to make ones like this here. Adorable.

P.S. I wish I had made some of these myself. But I did not. Did you all carve pumpkins this year? I would love to see pictures! crystalross306@msn.com


Amy said...

i love halloween and owls too! i haven't carved pumpkins yet, i'm keeping my fingers crossed i still get to. we were going to pick them out earlier this week and that didn't happen and now i'm sick. stupid flu- doesn't it know how much i was looking forward to halloween this year!!!!

Andrea said...

I carved pumpkins last night and totally carved an owl one! It's not nearly as good as an of those, but I loved working on it!

Casey and Winter Rowland said...

Those are all so much fun. I am so sad that halloween is almost over :( It is ok yummy yummy food is on its way... Thanksgiving!