October 17, 2009

nothing sweeter

Have you ever taken a tour of the Sweet's Candy Company? It's a factory tour in Salt Lake complete with hair nets candy  maker  hats, knowledgeable tour guide, chocolate pipes and 75,000 pounds of sugar. No kidding.  Set up an appointment here. With or without kids (or even with a rambunctious crowd of people from your work) it's amazing.

So, I love taffy--especially the blue raspberry kind. During the tour, they pass out all sorts of candy samples from jelly bean centers to raspberry sticks. At the end, they give you your own lil pack of salt water taffy (it's their #1 seller, and with good reason). You'll also get to watch many of the candy making processes, including the famous chocolate enrobing.

So, once the tour is over, the guide will make sure you know that there's a store right there in the warehouse where you can buy ANYTHING & EVERYTHING that Sweet's has to offer. I made sure to bring my debit card. (I knew the free samples wouldn't be enough to satisfy my sweet tooth.) I couldn't resist the packaging of this Happy Hour taffy (and besides that, it's ALCOHOL FLAVORED CANDY). Does it get any better?

I purchased a big ol box of Swedish Fish to leave at work, and last (but definitely not least) chocolate sticks. But these aren't ordinary chocolate sticks, or even raspberry or orange...they are CHAMPAGNE chocolate sticks.  Click here to buy some RIGHT NOW. You should. Oh you really really should.


The Former 786 said...

Sounds like fun!

Maybe I'll go!

Wooooooooooooo for candy!

Crystal Ross said...

Joel, you DID go, right?