November 6, 2009

wedding stuff -- my oh my

So I'm starting to gather inspiration for wedding ideas...thanks to the wonderful yet overwhelming (and intimidating) world wide web. Since our wedding is going to be small (I mean teeny tiny) I don't feel an extreme amount of pressure to plan some grand,  fancy event. I'm thinkin we'll keep it simple, earthy, budget-friendly and nature-inspired. I love any chance to use alliteration so I am going to throw out this phrase to describe it: environmentally elegant. Ha! Anyway, I love these details and here's the wedding they came from.

 colorful wildflowers are a MUST at our wedding

Here's some more irresistible ideas for a whimsy event:  Here's where I got them. 

This gal and I have VERY similar tastes.


Did you see that adorable owl cake? Do you know my feelings on owls?!

And finally, some stuff I always wanted:


branches ~ moss balls ~ tree party favors ~ lace accents ~ wood buttons

Last but not least...a sweet tree stump cake stand


Andrea said...

I love your taste, Crystal! I absolutely salivate at that first collage you posted! I love it all though. And the owl cake? Incredible! I'm a big fan of the tree stump cake stand too, and you know how I feel about flowers.

Kristin said...

That owl cake is one of the cutest things I've ever seen!

Kate and Oli said...

LOVE the moss balls and the wood buttons. and the bamboo and chocolate theme! so pretty!

i stumbled across your blog and love it! just wanted to say hi!

xo, katie