December 23, 2009

holiday joy

I never got around to putting up the tree this year; I hardly even decorated the apartment. I still have my jack-o-lantern soap by the sink and there are sparkly pumpkin candles out on the table. At least I have the evergreen scentsy on though. Look at my sad door compared to the elaborate and festive one next to us.

 Screw apartment 18 for making me look so bad.

We have been so busy this year--house hunting, wedding planning, working OT (the list goes on). Luckily we're managing to put in a bit of volunteer work on Christmas day, make homemade cocoa as presents for our family, shop for the kids, and stop by the pet store to make sure some pups have a happy holiday too.  So, I'm not feeling like Christmas has been a complete failure this year. We're trying to remember what it's really all about. Maybe next year, if things are calmed, I can make some cute n crafty decorations for our home. But I'm thinking it may be too late for us this year.

Happy hanukkah, merry christmas and joyful festivus, all. I hope your holidays are as bright as my neighbor's door.

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