December 11, 2009

sick day

It's 10 degrees here in Utah today. I have strep throat and my voice sounds like a transvestite trying to impersonate Cher. I'm missing the Festivus party at work. I hate being the only soul in the apartment. It's days like this that I could really use a pet. We could snuggle and keep each other company. I'm blue, can you tell?

Since today inevitably sucks, I decided to perk it up a bit by doing something that makes me happy. You guessed on wedding plans. Remember the old lace curtains from the second-hand store? I'm using them for the centerpiece vases. With just a bit of trimming and spray adhesive, I created these babies.

Adoring the details on the lace.

I cut the top of the lace a bit to create a scalloped design.
The threads are so far apart, so it was easy.

Added bonus of today's post: you get to see the lovely view of the mountains from the back deck of my 3rd floor apartment.

Now, I'm going to get back to work, keep steeping my tea, and stop complaining.


Andrea said...

Crystal, I'm so sorry you're so sick. Do you really have strep throat? That's awful!

BUT, your vases look gorgeous! I love the lace only covering the bottom half; it's so pretty!

Hope you get better soon.

Crystal Ross said...

I love lace so much. hope i dont overdo it!