January 7, 2010

i love mountain air

This is where we're getting married (but think summertime):

(our ceremony will be outside in the meadow, then dancing in this room afterward)

I really hope for people to be bustin' moves like this. We've rented the entire inn for the day and night, so I expect a little alcohol to be consumed.

 The area is surrounded by mountains, creeks and natural hot springs--along with millions of lush trees.
Photo credit for this beautiful wedding goes to Opie Photo. I found them when I googled our wedding venue in Midway, UT. I love the way they shot it; but I have to say, I am very (really) SUPER excited for the photographers shooting our wedding. Brooke, from Blush Photography and my best friend Winter with Piper Pix, will BOTH be there to take some photos, have some BBQ and party it up. I really can't wait.

I need to get my dress altered and ready to go for AZ in 3 weeks. Winter lives there and will be shooting some bridals--desert style. Here are some of my favorite desert shots of Winter (taken by Blush last year):



So, I'm not generally a traditional person (you may already guessed this!) but I'm also not anti-tradition. There will be no special cake-cutting ceremony, bouquet toss or HUGE reception--but I am holding firm to keeping the dress a secret (mostly because Chris wants it to be a surprise, and I think that's cute). I got it from J. Crew MONTHS ago. Can you guess which one I picked? http://www.jcrew.com/AST/Browse/WeddingParties/Wedding_Bride/gowns.jsp
Dare ya to try! (If you're that interested/curious/whatever, send me an email (crystalross306@msn.com) and I will send you a picture, so long as you swear on your grandma's grave not to show my man.) 


Casey and Winter Rowland said...

I love the place i cant wait to take pictures there! it is going to be so much fun!

Andrea said...

Crystal, I am BEYOND excited for your wedding! You seriously picked out everything perfectly, and it's going to be incredible!

Jessica @ Mason Jar Bride said...

Your wedding is going to be AMAZING! I can't wait to see pictures!!

So here's how to do the "labels" thing on your blog, it's super easy: On your blogger dashboard (the page that opens when you sign in), click "layout" (it's over to the right of the "new post" button. Then, at the top of the sidebar section, click "add a gadget." A new window will open. Scroll almost all the way down and click on the blue plus sign next to "Labels." Then just set your preferences and it will show up on your blog! If you haven't already done so, you'll have to go back to each post and add labels for each one.

Hopefully that helps! Let me know :)