January 2, 2010

why moms rock.

Here are more fabric flowers--except this time we sewed them and used fabric/colors that are actually going to be in the wedding. The hand-stitching was going bad for me, but mom rocked it last night and was able to sew a whole bunch. Look how full they turned out. Love em.

The burlap and lace ones are extra special to me. I have an obsession with lace and a new found love for burlap. It's so durable, versatile, natural and affordable. (You'd think I was a spokesperson.)

Lace and burlap is sort of becoming the "theme" of our little wedding in the mountains. My next burlap project will be these table runners.

My mom suggested throwing some pointy flowers into the mix. We saw them at this amazing Etsy store. I think ours turned out just perfect.


Chris picked out the blue fabric and he's proud of how awesome the flowers turned out. 

So, yes. This is just one of the many reasons why mom's rock. Thanks for saving me on this, mom. xo

Last but not least, a picture of the Ross-Ross's.


Anonymous said...

I had such a great time and they (the flowers) look awesome!! Love Mom OXOXOXOOXO

McAllister said...

You are so crafty! I love the flower idea. and I completely agree your mom does ROCK!,

MaryBeth Hughes said...

yes more poms! how do you plan to arrange them at your wedding. i cannot wait to see all your craftiness come together - it will beautiful!

Crystal Ross said...

Thanks, guys! I give ALL the credit to my mom. MaryBeth: we plan on attaching them to twine and stringing them on the chairs for the aisle. I also think it'd be cool to string some inside the venue and on the deck where the BBQ will be. Just little decorations to fill the space!

Christy said...

Look at you all crafty and such. I might have to hire you for my wedding, or to teach me at least. Your mom is so cute. Tell her hello.

Lisa said...

they look so great! you have me so inspired and pumped to go make them :)