February 23, 2010

It's official.

We are totally going to be homeowners...as is CHRIS and ME. Yes, the kids at heart who vowed to never delve into the complicated inner-workings of adulthood are buying a townhouse and getting married. What's next? Talk of kids, maybe? Ha! No, no, no you wish. For now we are going to sit back, enjoy the last few months of cheap apartment rent and continue planning our cute 'n' careless nuptials. 

Speaking of cute 'n' careless, I came across this awesome website when I saw she posted a picture of our save the dates. She even gave credit where it was due to my sweet bff, Winter. How perfect is that? Now I can't stop looking at the site. Look at this lush organic bouquet:
  and these cute mini lanterns:
See? I'm having way too much fun.


Lisa said...


McAllister said...

I am so excited for you! I love being in a house. No more walking up 2 flight of stairs with groceries, no more wiping frost off of your car in the morning, or trying to find a place to park at night trying to avoid the scary people that live on the first floor, or my worst pet peeve was when people would smoke in the apartment right underneath us and the smell would soak into my furniture.

Yeah for homeowners! Is it the one you pictured below? Those are so cute! and everything is brand new and clean! I am so excited for you.

Crystal Ross said...

Thanks, gals! Melis, it IS the townhome from the picture below. I can't believe I am going to have a place to park my car at night and extra space to put stuff! They started marking where they are going to dig today--I drove by and almost peed myself.