March 10, 2010

I don't do surveys.

I will never…stop recycling or secretly judging those who don't.

I have never…let the grocery store bagger help me out with my groceries, despite his insistence and generosity.    

I always…complain about my hair but refuse to get fake hair. Fake anything rubs me the wrong way.

To rid of stress, I… dance/read/write/drink a cocktail.

My significant other…is a hoot.

I have always wished for…an end to animal cruelty.

I try to… care more about what I look like (i.e. wear heels, makeup, etc.) but there are so many other priorities that come first.

I want to…get a few more tattoos before I die.

I am scared of…having to start paying a mortgage soon.

I am excited to… start paying a mortgage soon!

I am anti…tradition and jewelry.

I am pro... bird watching.

My favorite job was…IS apparel copywriter. I get to make these cute clothes sound good.

Once upon a time I was an… 18-year-old who snubbed the idea of marriage or kids, EVER.

I wish I didn't have… ulcers.

I'm happy I don't have to…change my last name when I get married. We have the same last name. (I don't think I would have changed it anyway.)

I admire…mom and Dale.

My best friend… really loves me no matter what. Really.

I am open to…trying anything once.

Sometimes I'm…emo.

I'm starting to come around on…the taste of beer. But only a select few. Belgium white, mmm.

I overuse… semicolons (but at least I use them correctly)

I underuse… exclamation points! 

I have a curiosity and passion to learn more about… typefaces

I feel… nostalgic  …about school. I MISS IT SO MUCH.  


dognbird said...

I am pro bird watching too! :-) Lovely little list, great to get to know you a little more!

Lisa said...

ha! that's funny (in the coincidental sense) about the beer. I hate beer, and Aaron used to, but then we went to Belgium, and the Belgium whites were what drew him in... go to the liquor store and try Hoegaarden :) I still don't like it, but it's one of his favorites.

Shaylynn said...

1. Beer nauseates me.
2. I dislike jewlery too.. except rings.
3. I am borderline emo on Tuesdays.
4. I kinda think I love you after reading this.