May 29, 2010

Moved in. Kinda.

Hello blog world. It feels like an eternity since I sat down to post a few words on the good ol blog. It's been chaotic around here, to say the least. FUN (OMG SO MUCH FUN) but sort of a hot, busy mess. We are all moved in. Not settled. But moved. It's a good first step. The new house is amazing. The overwhelming paint and new carpet smell is starting to clear (which you would think would make us happy, but it's proving to be a tad bit sad). 

Let's talk for a bit about this whole big, scary home-buying experience. I feel like it's important for me to get this all out there: it so WAS NOT big, scary or hairy. The group of people we worked with made it fun and easy. The home builders, DR Horton, were unlike anyone. They were the opposite of what we heard about other builders. All of the walk-throughs, blue taping and meetings ensured that we were getting exactly what we wanted/planned for. I couldn't be happier with their ethic and quality of work (not to mention the fast pace YOWZA). This home far exceeds the expectations we had for our first owning experience. I mean, c'mon--we're just a couple of kids and they made it possible for us to BUILD and live in something brand new. I've got to say, knowing that I'm the first to cook in the kitchen and use my toilet puts my mind at ease. 

We also used DR Horton's lender and Marylee was a pleasure to work with. She offered the use of her Mexican timeshare for our honeymoon. I'm serious. It doesn't get sweeter than that. 
Okay, so we talked about the process. But WHAT ABOUT HOW IT ALL STARTED? It's kind of an awesome story. Chris and I decided last summer that we hated living in an apartment. The fighting neighbors, thin walls, three flights of stairs, no garage...the list sorta goes on and on. "Well maybe we should try to find something before the tax incentive ends?" I said. "Okay, yeah. We should at least start scoping the market to see what we find in our price range" Chris casually replied. 

Our initial attitude was lax. We weren't hugely committed to moving out, but ideas of a home were bouncing around in our little heads. My acquaintance turned good friend Amanda mentioned she was interested in helping us find the perfect home. She works with The Judy Allen Team and is an extremely bright gal (not to mention CUTE). Have you seen her, guys? 

Forgive the tangents. It's late.

Anyway, we let her know our requirements (and there were LOTS) for a home and she went to town. Literally. This girl, along with Judy herself, was more committed to finding our perfect home than WE were. I started feeling guilty because home after home, appointment after appointment, Chris had complaints and reasons to not buy these gorgeous houses  Amanda was showing. (What? Chris doesn't go near this blog so I am allowed to blame him.) Nonetheless, time was running out (for the tax credit) and our lives continued to get busier. First we got engaged, then the disappointing wedding venue news, then my less-than-perfect work situation. We had pretty much given up on the idea of owning anytime soon. Then, Amanda and Judy to the rescue. This is her actual email to me sent on February 9th, 2010. 

Subject line: LOVE THESE!!!

I have been doing a bunch of research for you guys on these new townhomes now that I am out of my morning meeting.  They have a little patio that will be secluded with a 6' tan vinyl fence... perfect for the pups!

I have attached a price list for The Village at Old Farm.  Looks like the Mckinley would work best for your needs.  It has 1705 finished square feet, with 3 bedrooms and a 2 car garage.  Great location!  Let me know what you think and we can set-up a reservation to meet with a representative. 

Talk to you soon lady!

Her enthusiasm and use of exclamation points is kind of adorable. It got me excited to go check this place out. And, lo and behold, these were it. A place for the pups: check. A 2-car garage: check. LOTSA space: check. No yard work required: check. 

Their help didn't stop there. They met with us for walk-throughs, held our hands at contract signing and sat front row at the closing. See? There are pictures to prove it. 

 They just handed me KEYS

          I may have added facial hair to make our expressions seem less intense. 

We so appreciate you guys. Everyone involved: you are the reason this wasn't scary. I would without a doubt recommend your services to anyone.  

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