May 3, 2010

Um, it's done

Are you sick of reading/hearing about my new house? Well then you're in luck because IT'S DONE. WE ARE FREAKIN CLOSING ANY DAY.
Carpet is in.
(there was some controversy on the pad we purchased, but we got that all worked out. it's a 1/2-inch memory foam with pet stain resistance.) 

Countertops are in.

Shelving in the closets is installed.
(this is the spare bedroom walk-in.)

Back porch cement is poured.

And we are as happy and weird as ever.

So, next on the house-building agenda = blue tape. Then final touches. Then final walk-through.

What will I blog about now? Oh yeah--I still have this wedding disaster thing to document. I'll let you know how that fiasco turns out.


{amy k.} said...

how exciting!!! oh man, so much fun! i'm happy for you guys!

Christy said...

Fun, fun, fun!! I look at it every time I drive by it now. Exciting. Hopefully all goes well with the closing and such.

What are you going to blog about AFTER the wedding? Haha :)

Shaylynn said...

I am going to get caught up on your blog, and it will be totally awesome:)

Crystal Ross said...

Yay, Shaylynn that's GREAT news. Although I warn you, it's not all that entertaining. My life (up till now) is a bit bland. But eh, oh well. I like it.

Christy, I am a writer so hopefully I will come up with somethin.

Amy, thanks girl. You are always a sweetie with nothing but nice things to say.

The Former 786 said...

What's the blue tape about? I don't speak "homeowner."

Crystal Ross said...

JOEL--blue tape is for flaws. The builder hires someone to walk through and find things that arent perfect. Then they fix it. Then we walk through and find things that arent perfect. Then they fix it. Then we move in. And it's perfect.