April 29, 2010

Disaster has struck.

Well, not real disaster, but it certainly is "disastrous" to me. It's wedding-related (as you may have guessed). The place we picked to have our wedding, as seen here, decided to become a drug rehab center instead of reception center. No, I'm not kidding. Now we can't have our wedding there AT ALL. Two and a half months before the event, and we're back at square one. Please (I'm reaching out to all you Utahans) enlighten me with any suggestions you may have. Keep in mind, our wedding is on a Saturday in the middle of this summer. Here are the must-haves:

  • alcohol permitted 
  • preferably northern Utah area (I love mountains)
  • outdoor ceremony area
  • a lush area big enough for 50 guests
  • BBQ accommodations 
  • we'd like to do our own food (we don't wanna be forced into using caterers)  
I'm not opposed to a pretty backyard or park-like setting. The wedding we have in mind is super casual, a bit whimsical, simple, rustic, nature-inspired but above all, fun. Help us.
Thank you.


{amy k.} said...

oh no- i am so sorry. don't stress too much. i know it's impossible to not stress.... but it'll work out. ya know i have to promote the davis conference center because i work there... it's a great facility. but not plush and you have to use our chef. cactus & tropicals is a pretty place to have a reception.... good luck!

Christy said...

There's that nature preserve place in Ogden. I went to a friend's wedding there on July 19th, 2008 (Chelsea Bauer [Layton?] was MOH actually).

They had alcohol (I think I was the only sober person ha), it had like 50ish people there...maybe a few more. I don't know about catering or costs though. It was a party afterwards and crazy fun.

It's very outdoorsy but still really nice. Go to Melissa McFadden on my FB friends and she has a wedding album.



Crystal Ross said...

Thanks, gals. BOTH great ideas. Amy, I totally went and checked that place out. It seems nice, but it's not available anymore.

Christy, I looked into doing it here a long time ago and I think I will revisit the idea, thanks to you and Lisa. The Ogden Nature center ROCKS and is reasonably priced as well. Thanks for the reminder on that! Now, I am feeling a little less stressed because I think I might have some options for us. All-in-all, it's the marriage that matters most--not the wedding. So, I will stop freaking out. :)