August 7, 2010

DIY wedding details

Now that everything is said and done, I thought I'd share some of the wedding details. Almost everything we did was a DIY project. I was private about it before because I wanted guests to be surprised. Here are a few of the ins and outs.

The invitations
Chris drew the willow branches then we scanned them and I colored them in Photoshop. We printed on pearly golden paper then mounted each one to a piece of burlap.
 The small text says: Chris and Crystal request your presence as they exchange vows and celebrate their marriage on July 17, 2010. Please meet at Nicholls Park for a delicious pre-wedding barbecue at 5:00. At 7:00, we'll head across the street to Davis Golf Course 19th Hole for a sunset ceremony, drinks and dessert.

The font was from here.
The paper and recycled earth tone envelopes: from here.

We compromised on these invitations. I wanted something plain with lace attached to it somehow. Chris wanted something earthy, like a big tree watermark bleeding off the page. I think we came up with something perfect for us. I was just happy that he wanted to be involved. I hate when people say "the only thing the groom has to do is show up." Bull honky.

 The favors
I wanted the favors to be simple, like the rest of the wedding. Also, eco-friendly. But beautiful. We came up with this: wildflower packets.
Found the cute woven boxes at Michaels.
Used fabric scraps leftover from the pomanders.
Printed the little signs myself. Text reads: Thank you for sharing a perfect day with Crystal & Chris. Please plant these wildflower seeds (in early spring) and enjoy their beauty.

The favors were a hit. I have leftovers. Does anyone want some? My damn HOA community won't let me plant them 'round here.

Table signs
I have to give Chris full credit on these (well, and my grandparents and Byron for salvaging wood for us). Freshly cut wood with slits for displaying photos and signs. I am hoping the photographer got better pictures of these at the wedding.
The hole punch is a Martha Stewart one from Michaels. 

Mossy initials
These sat on the mantle surrounded by photos of us. I didn't cut the wood into letters myself (didn't have the necessary tools), but I did attach the moss to them with hot glue. Chris cut up some wood rods to make stands to attach to the back. They stood perfectly.
The cool thing is now we're going to use these in our living room (once we get an entertainment center). Some say they look a lot like marijuana. I guess you'll never know...

Table risers and vases
I used old mason jars and wine bottles and added wedding elements to each (i.e. twine, moss, lace). The risers are just old pieces of boxes wrapped with burlap and lace. 
Some of these are on display above my cupboards in the kitchen right now. Everything used here was recycled (except the burlap, but that's cheap). The lace is from a huge, old curtain I found at the DI. 

The wishing tree
My mom saved the day on this project. Thank goodness I had her help. We looked for the right kind of branches all over town. Fallen trees on the side of the road, the nursery, etc. I couldn't find something that would work. I ended up ordering this manzantia tree on It was $3. 
We wrapped it burlap (what else?) and topped it off with twine. I found those little wooden tags at Joanne's Fabric Store. Here's a photo (not a very good one) of the wishes hanging. Not everyone at the wedding participated (shame on you) but it was sweet, nonetheless. Some of the remarks made me cry.
That's all, for now.


Lisa said...

what great work! you two should be so proud of yourselves! keep the photos comin'

Kimberlee said...

I think you might need this...

Elisa and Tyler said...

Amazing work!! You are so creative and handy!! I am betting your wedding was gorgeous! Congratulations!