August 2, 2010

A wedding BBQ

This is why friends rock. Winter, you're so on top of it. Thank you for getting these photos to me so quick. I was having a bad day and then these photos showed up. Now I'm happy.

This is the BBQ that took place just minutes before our nuptials. 

So when I showed up to the BBQ, my parents were there WEARING MY SAVE THE DATES. What a neat surprise on a neat day.

Well hello. Let me lean up against something while you snap a shot. 

These photos are from Grandpa Betten's camera. I kind of love the raw authenticity of film. Remember when we used film for photos?
That is all for now.


Kimberlee said...

Um, okay..the red dress is So cute! Where did you get this?!

Anonymous said...

The pictures are beautiful can't wait to see the rest of them. Love, Liz

Lisa said...

great pictures so far! i love that you had a bbq before the ceremony!