October 17, 2010

Grandpa Betten

Grandpa Betten left us on Friday, Oct 15th. I imagined myself writing some amazing eulogy with highlights from his life and stories of my experiences with him; however, tonight all I can do is mourn. I'm filled with a sadness that I can't shake long enough to be optimistic.

He suffered for a while and now his pain is gone—this is solace. And thank god for it. But what about us? He left us unexpectedly at a younger age than what's fair. He was sick, but seemed to be getting better. What about our future children never having a chance to know his captivating personality? It doesn’t feel right that the world is done with him now. The timing's off.

There are hundreds of good things to say about this man, and I will write them all down in time. He deserves that and the life he lived so vivaciously is worthy of being honored.

This is so selfish, I know.


Elizabeth said...

I guess his idea of better and ours were not the same. I believe he found peace though. He was so happy to see Izabella... That's a great picture.

Lisa said...

so sorry to hear about your grandpa. my thoughts are with you and your family

Shaylynn said...

My dear pefect stranger and yet a friend; let me tell you there is nothing as precious as life lost. There is nothing as raw as emotions yet to be fully felt. There is nothing as brief as life, once it is over.

I want to hug you. I want to tell you that it gets easier. I want to tell you that my cousins and I just last night cried looking at pictures of our grandfather who passed in March, because we miss him so, but understand suffering had taken a toll. We usually smile, we don't cry.

I want to just hug you. Loss is the hardest thing.

I'm rambling. I'm good at that, I'm not good at comforting.

I'm sorry babe.