February 10, 2011

An athropologie boot review.

I don't make many purchases from anthropologie, but I splurged on these boots (they were on sale). I only like them. Not love. Though I do wear them a lot.

The only thing keeping me from loving these is the scrunchiness of the right boot. Yep, only one boot has a slouchy shaft. I was hoping they'd be more structured. Kind of a let down, anthro.

Do you see what I mean?

Reasons I like em: the taupe color goes with everything, there is not a heel so I cannot hurt myself, the flower cutouts are unique.

Overall: three outta five stars.

On a better note, Chris got me this sweater from Bohme. REALLY CUTE
And yes, that's a bathroom mirror photo. With a leg up. Not sorry.

Last but not least, Sam says hi.


Lisa said...

if youre going to splurge, anthro is the perfect place to do it!

The Former 786 said...

That bathroom picture is hilarious! I couldn't tell what was going on for a bit there.