February 9, 2011

James Blunt and I...we're friends.


Last week James came to Overstock for a quick private concert. Now, I have to be honest: I was not super thrilled about this concert. My mom is a fan so really, I went on her behalf. But once he started singing, I'll tell you what--it was like angels (who say the EFF word) rejoicing in the heavens above. That voice is phenomenal. Plus, it helped that he has a charming and witty with a dirty sense of humor. Now, I'm a fan. And we're friends.


Christy said...

I heard on the radio this morning that he partook of a visit to Overstock. FUN.

The Former 786 said...

Those are interesting angels.

And I was hoping you'd post the conversation you had with him on here.

Crystal said...

That info was only to be disclosed to close friends. Not the public :)